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2kilos &More

est.: 2003

alias: Séverine Krouch and Hugues Villette

about: 2kilos &More is a french electronica duo from Paris created in 2003 and consisting of Séverine Krouch and Hugues Villette (Von Magnet). Before finding their way to audiophob, they released one 3" CD and two albums on different labels as well as a lot of other contributions to compilations and movie soundtracks. The new album "Kurz vor5" is once again produced by Norscq (The Grief, Atlas Project, Von Magnet, dDamage, Colder, remixer for Meat Beat Manifesto, Depeche Mode etc.) in his Parisian studio. The duo has invited Phil Von (Von Magnet) and Black Sifichi (a great spoken-words artist from New York who worked with Black Dog, Burnt Friedman, Simon Fisher Turner, Rodolphe Burger, High Tones etc.), two important voices from the independent French scene, to feature three new vocal compositions. The press talks about them as a subtle mix between ambient-electronica (à la Warp) and postrock (similar to Labradford) because of the constant but measured use of melodic (sometimes noisy) guitars and acoustic instruments (like bass, drums, sensula etc.) with experimental influences.

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est.: 2000

alias: Carsten Stiller

about: Alarmen offers mellow, but still slightly distorted electronica: Lightweighted glitch-sounds meet likeminded cautios rhythms, dark ambient meets IDM. The one man project from Thuringia/Germany was founded in 2000 and is active in public since 2001. The project collaborated with Betriebsdruck, Sphercial Disrupted, Kaos Interim, Stimulus Response on releases as well as on stage. The musical output includes several releases on CD, CDr and as netreleases plus several contributions to compilations. On stage Alarmen was present at different festivals, including Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag and Schachtfrequenz and other concerts in Germany. Behind the DJ decks Carsten Stiller is using is real name and is playing (dark) ambient, IDM, electronica and similar experimental sounds at events like the Maschinenfest or the Ambient Area of the Forms of Hands festival. The self built home of Alarmen is audiophob, which Carsten founded together with Mirko (Spherical Disrupted) in 2004.

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est.: 2004

alias: Tony Young

about: Tony Young, aka: Autoclav1.1, turned his hand to writing music late 2004. Since then he has had numerous successful releases; all of which have cemented Autoclav1.1 as one of the more prolific artists within his scene. Whether this be huge orchestral compositions, IDM, Ambient or Modern Electronica; Autoclav1.1 has gained a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions, through melody, broken rhythmical structures and a smattering of paranoid beat work.

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est.: 1991

alias: Cedrik Fermont, Olivier Moreau

about: It feels a little bit redundant to try to introduce Axiome (Cedrik Fermont, Olivier Moreau), as both members of the duo are well known by themselves and their active time as Axiome dating back to 1991 with a number of well-received releases and remember-able live appearances, that of course includes their appearance on our label festival in Duisburg back in 2017.

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alias: Jana Komaritsa

about: Darkrad is the dark-industrial project of multidisciplinary artist Jana Komaritsa (alias JanaDark). Being the only member she realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts in it, creating gloomy surreal worlds with music, video, performances and arts. She is playing around the "absence of presence", strengthened by vivid imagination, capturing the powerful penetrating Unknown, which we are both scared of and attracted by. Suppressed fears and sharp pain, perverted sexuality and inner psychosis, metaphysical essences and strong piercing feelings – these are the main topics of Darkrad. Before finding her way to audiophob, she released on Cold Meat Industry as well as on her own tape label Mrakmur.

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est.: 2021

alias: Ralf Gatzen

about: GAMLASKATTEN is the new project of german electronic musician Ralf Gatzen (aka Konvlikt/[basementgrrr]). His new project is heavy influenced by classic industrial/ebm, combined with modern techno and rhythm 'n noise elements. Producing music in his personal lab, he follows a rather analog approach to create his music.

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est.: 1994

alias: P. Muench, B. Teichner

about: Mandelbrot was born as one of the many projects of P. Muench (Synapscape, Monokrom, The Rorschach Garden, Templegarden's etc.) to experiment with Dark Ambient sounds. Even if he just started Templegarden's as a joined project with Asche, he was in the need for another project to create music with a less ritual and sacral character. Until 2002 he released several tapes and CDrs on Fich-Art, Old Europa Café and sub.ver.siv. In 2005 B. Teichner (who is also part of the lineup of The Rorschach Garden and other projects) joined Mandelbrot. Audiophob is proud to present the first releases of the "new" Mandelbrot-era and we hope to hear much more of this great duo.

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alias: Bert Lehmann

about: Evidently influenced by classic Dark Ambient/Industrial artists like Lustmord, Ah-Cama Sotz and the like, Mortaja worked for years as a living room only project. When Bert - the head of this one-man project - decided to give a demo to audiophob, we were surprised by the quality of his productions and the fact that he has never released anything so far. Bert quickly became member of the audiophob family and has demonstrated his musical abilities on several releases as well as live performances. His highlights so far were live appearances at the Maschinenfest and Schlagstrom festivals.

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est.: 2001 (first steps since 1997)

about: Nerthus is very sound oriented ... that means: it's very important for Nerthus to generate and / or modify noises that sound interesting, new, never heard before, euphonic or maybe very cacophonous. No limits in using machines, computers, soundsources ... whatever ... use all you can reach!

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est.: 2016

alias: Daniel Myer, Clément Perez

about: Rendered is a German / French collaboration between Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, Liebknecht, Dots&Dashes ...) and Clément Perez (14anger). Both started this Techno EBM / Industrial project back in 2016, the first EP was released in March 2017, with a release party at Suicide Circus in Berlin. Since that day, they toured a lot around the world and released several more EPs; lots of their tracks found a regular spot in the sets of well-known Industrial / Dark Techno / EBM DJs.

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est.: 1995

alias: Harry Weissen, Henry Favretto

about: Originally formed in 1995 by Harry Weissen, Henry Favretto (aka Hexdump, ECM) and Bruno Ruch (aka Sleepwalk, left the project in 1996) as a means to translate the perceived reality into an appropriate musical realm, Skalpell is striving to provide some kind of projection of images invoked by the subconscious and seen through the minds eye. Skalpell tries to fathom these primordial states of mind from the very bottoms of fear and hopelessness to the heights of an absolute consciousness, where the word 'Skalpell ' (german for 'scalpel') serves as a symbol for the process of slashing open surfaces to examine the truth that lays hidden underneath.

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Spherical Disrupted

est.: 1994

alias: Mirko Hentrich

about: Spherical Disrupted is the current main musical project of Mirko Hentrich. He produces electronic and experimental music since 1988 under various names and with various bands (e.g. Experimentum Crucis and Sick En For). Spherical Disrupted made several releases since 1995 and on Audiophob since 2004. Spherical Disrupted made several sampler tracks, did some remixes (e.g. for P·A·L, Xabec, KiEw and Zero Degree). Spherical Disrupted played live all over Germany and Europe, incl. some bigger festivals like Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag, Schlagstrom festival and Summer Darkness, partially in collaboration with Kaos Interim and hidden technology. The sound of Spherical Disrupted could be described as a mixture between dark ambient and IDM including electronics, metal percussion and field recordings. Mirko Hentrich is also co-founder and owner of the ambient industrial label audiophob and is working under the name of Paradroid as a DJ for EBM and ambient music in several clubs and many festivals.

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Tardive Dyskinesia

est.: 2003

alias: Ronny Herling

about: The beginning of Tardive Dyskinesia reaches back into 2002, when first recordings were made for what would later become the Sadistic EP. The first official works are dated in 2003, followed by two releases on Steinklang Records in 2004 and 2005. The musical work of Tardive Dyskinesia is influenced by a wide spectrum of musical masterminds: Industrial pioneers as Laibach, Scorn, Godflesh, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jesu, Brutal Truth and Vromb were as formative to the sound of Tardive Dyskinesia as Peter Gabriel or David Bowie. The fundamental concept of the project consists in experimenting with all kinds of sounds without any limits regarding the process and result. Everything can and will be possible, only constricted by the limits of phantasy, possibilities and proficiency. After Ronny released a few recordings under his own label moniker Dystonia Recordings and on other CDr-labels and going through a time of experimenting with new ideas and directions, he released his first recording "The Letter" on audiophob in 2012.

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The Negativity Bias

est.: 2016

alias: Chris Dupont

about: Inspired by the musical output of SCUBA, Marcel Dettmann, Planetary Assault Systems and S.W.Z.K., the project The Negativity Bias works as an emotional bridge between artist and listener. Warm Deep House structures are combined with cold effects known from the Industrial/Noise sector.

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est.: 1992

alias: Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg

about: To give an overview Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenbergs past works seems like a journey through more than 25 years of electronic music. Starting in the underground electro scene he released on such well known labels like Thee Black Label, Radikal Fear, Force Inc, Groove Attack, Unique, Play It Again Sam, Kalakuta Soul and Circus Company. Starting in 2003 he got more and more involved in quite a few now well known projects of the Dark Electro scene, including Rotersand, Straftanz, Config.Sys, Future Lied To Us and Radioaktivists. Furthermore his engagement can be heard in countless DJing, production, engineering, remixing, mastering and sound design works for a wide variety of clients and artists.

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Zero Degree

est.: 2003

alias: nihil

about: zero degree is a side project of nihil who is probably more known as painslut. zero degree is the result of various musical experiments with different kinds of music. As interesst shifted more and more form pure noise to minimal, ambient and idm structures, zero degree was born. Deep pulsating rhythmic structures combined with fragile soundscapes invite the listener for a trip inside your own mind.

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