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Bruital Furore Vol. II
15.-16.10.2021, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Mortaja, Schloss Tegal, Holotrop, JD Zazie, Ryan Jordan, Tintin Patrone, Marie Takahashi & Sofia Salvo, Lijel, Kotze Im Einkaufswagen, Delta Point, AA..LL, Stahlschlag, Mad Kate, Maschinenkrieger KR52, Luxul, Dave Phillips, Talvekoidik, Greta Christensen & Dieb13, MS Gentur, Stories In Colour, Ex-Kopf, Dario Fariello, Müllers Revenge, Noisiv, Tremor Hex, Last Days Of S.E.X., Ben Bloodygrave, Plastiq, Weißenfels / Virtaranta / Kohn, Ask Thor, Beeatsz V2.0999, Quasi Stella, Krummhörens Kuhlen
DJs: Vertigo Neogama, Difficult Music For Difficult People, Ram Don, Thedi
Further information: Facebook

Bunker Noise Seven
28.05.2022, AZ, Aachen
Live: Mortaja, Wesenberg, Synapscape, Yura Yura
Further information: Facebook

14.-15.10.2022, Sala Groove, Madrid (E)
Live: Mortaja, Peter Heppner, Whispering Sons, Ana Curra, Carlos Peron Live Commando, Trisomie 21, Hante, Joolz playing "The Stand", Pink Turn Blue, Spetsnaz, James Rays Gangwar, Klutae, The Arch, Then Comes Silence, The Eternal Afflict, Sheep On Drugs, Blac Kolor, Victims Of Secrecy aka Christian Wünsch, Karl Hefner and Hugh Lagerfeld, Jihad, The Juggernauts, Francistein & Accelerated Corrosion, Special Tribute to Adrian Borland & The Sound
DJs: Paradroid, David El Niño, Chaly Sodiaz
Further information: DarkMAD

Further information about Paradroids DJ events can be found at http://www.antimatter.de/.


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