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Krater Recordings is a sublabel of audiophob which has been active for some time now. Starting now you can follow its activities under http://krater.audiophob.de/. You will find free download releases of Sick En For, Capsular and other projects there. Besides this you'll also find information about the first release on Krater Recordings with a somewhat larger scale:

The compilation "Re/Version 01" convenes all the bands and projects who played on Re/Version event series so far: 2Kilos &More (Von Magnet side project), Spherical Disrupted, Phelios, Hidden Technology and others. The compilation will be released as a professional manufactured CD-R in a edition of 100 copies.

The CD is now available in our Mailorder.


Front 242 vs. Nitzer Ebb Party
23.02.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid
Further information: Kulttempel

Dimanche Noir
25.02.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg
Further information: Kulttempel

Depeche Mode-Party
03.03.2018, Triptychon, Münster
DJs: Niggels, Paradroid
Further information: Monasteria

10.03.2018, Druckluft, Oberhausen
Live: The Negativitiy Bias, Winterkälte, Hypnoskull, Nur zwei Linien
DJs: DJ Mortaja, Dabi
Further information: Krachbar

Dimanche Noir
11.03.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg
Further information: Kulttempel

Dimanche Noir
25.03.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg
Further information: Kulttempel

Elektroanschlag 2018
05.-07.04.2018, Weindepot + Brauerei, Altenburg
Live: Darkrad, Mandelbrot, Aevin, Ah! Kosmos, Apoa, Black Lung, Dead Voices On Air, Fjernlys, Fractional, Government Alpha, Heimstatt Yipotash, Moaan Exis, Moogulator, Petrolio, Rendered, SBZ, Snog, Winterkälte, Timodufner
DJs: Paradroid, DJ Mortaja, Chris Dupont, Thedi, Der Retronaut
Further information: Elektroanschlag

Dimanche Noir
08.04.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg
Further information: Kulttempel

In The Nursery
12.04.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
Live: In The Nursery, Spherical Disrupted
Further information: Kulttempel

Front Fabrik Festival III
13.-14.04.2018, Klub Studencki Żaczek, Kraków (PL)
Live: Portion Control, Die Selektion, Alvar, Dead Factory, Emma Zunz, Fïx8:Sëd8, Instans, Last Influence Of Brain, Synapsis, Tzolk'in, Vomito Negro, Wieloryb
DJs: Paradroid, Thenia Af., pleśń
Further information: Klub Studencki Żaczek

Dimanche Noir
22.04.2018, Kulttempel, Oberhausen
DJs: Paradroid, Krischan Wesenberg
Further information: Kulttempel

17.05.2018, Felsenkeller, Leipzig
Live: Portion Control, Plastic Noise Experience, Full Contact69, Amnistia, Thorofon, Te/Dis, Tränen der Sehnsucht, Nonaudient
DJs: PuPPe, Paradroid, dRiLL, pushka!, Lerry D. Herr Roth, Provokateur, Eric, Mike
Further information: Wave Gotik Treffen

Primal Uproar III
29.-30.06.2018, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Live: Capsular, S.K.E.T., Letzte Ausfahrt Leben, Martin Lau, Mia Zabelka, Beinhaus, Jana Jan, B°Tong, WRNGDNG, Angelic Sintesis, Skat Injector, Ecstasphere, Monad, My Beloved, Nashmeh, J Audrey Taves aka Holzkopf, Brut, Bioni Samp, Post Horn, Luke Jordan, ?Alos, Schieres, Alex Slota, Myriam Rzm, Viy, Kaffee und Kuchen, Antichildleague, Incite/, Ethid, Acrolith, Screaming It, José Macabra, Müllers Revenge
DJs: Udo Wiessmann, Ophelia The Suffering, Vertigoneogama, Difficult Music For Difficult People, Thedi
Further information: Facebook

30.06.2018, Forum, Bielefeld
Live: Mortaja, DJ Hidden, Greyhound
Further information: Bassbeben

21.07.2018, Latzenhof, Between Gießen and Marburg
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Spiritual Bat, Die Zwei, Philipp Münch, Special Love, Petrolio
Further information: Facebook

25.08.2018, AZ, Mülheim/Ruhr
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Killer, Dazzling Malicious, [Bolt], Gall, Haarp Hysteria
Further information: AZ Mülheim

Further information about Paradroids DJ events can be found at http://www.antimatter.de/.


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