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Starting october 2006, audiophob is running an edition of net-only releases. Feel free to download and listen. Our latest online releases:

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Krater Recordings is a sublabel of audiophob which has been active for some time now. Starting now you can follow its activities under http://krater.audiophob.de/. You will find free download releases of Sick En For, Capsular and other projects there. Besides this you'll also find information about the first release on Krater Recordings with a somewhat larger scale:

The compilation "Re/Version 01" convenes all the bands and projects who played on Re/Version event series so far: 2Kilos &More (Von Magnet side project), Spherical Disrupted, Phelios, Hidden Technology and others. The compilation will be released as a professional manufactured CD-R in a edition of 100 copies.

The CD is now available in our Mailorder.


audiophob festival - 16 years of audiophob
24.-25.01.2020, Djäzz, Duisburg
Live: Mandelbrot, Darkrad, Capsular, Chaotalion, Blac Kolor, Xabec, Anemone Tube
DJs: Paradroid, Carsten Stiller, Chris Dupont
Further information: Djäzz

08.02.2020, MTC, Köln
Live: 3Teeth
DJs: DJ Sinner, Paradroid
Further information: MTC

Darkest Night
27.-28.03.2020, JK 2470, Retie (B)
Live: Stockholm Wrecking Crew, Euforic Existence, Spark!, S.O.M., Pantser Fabriek, Wülf7, Akalotz, Jäger 90
DJs: Paradroid, The Dark One
Further information: JK 2470

02.-04.04.2020, Weindepot + Brauerei, Altenburg
Live: Chaotalion, Circuitnoise, Raum 22, Blush Response, Bolehlav, Devils Breath, Diaphane, Distortion Six, Fargo, Flesh, Heimstatt Yipotash, Jose Macabra, Loop Motor, Nocturne, Noiseconcretex3CHI5, Pale, Sans-Fin, Stasis Device, Van Bloomen, Wychdoktor, Zamilska
DJs: Paradroid, Thedi, :[S20]:
Further information: Elektroanschlag

28.05.2020, Felsenkeller, Leipzig
Live: Sturm Café, Full Contact69, Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim, Ben Bloodygrave etc.
DJs: Paradroid etc.
Further information: Wave-Gotik-Treffen

Bunker Noise
20.06.2020, AZ, Aachen
Live: Mortaja, Wesenberg, Synapscape, Yura Yura
Further information: AZ Aachen

Bruital Furore
03.-04.07.2020, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Live: Spherical Disrupted, Mortaja, Schloss Tegal, Holotrop, JD Zazie, Ryan Jordan, Tintin Patrone, Marie Takahashi & Sofia Salvo, Lijel, Kotze im Einkaufswagen, Delta Point etc.
Further information: https://www.facebook.com/events/337702590440893/

01.08.2020, Latzenhof, Fronhausen
Live: Kaffee und Kuchen, Wuornos Aileen, Tilly Electronics, Polystyrol etc.
Further information: Facebook

Further information about Paradroids DJ events can be found at http://www.antimatter.de/.


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