auphcd042: the_empath - Black Hole

released: 21.04.2023

01. darkstar [with HYT]
02. utopia [with =mp45=]
03. gamma ray burst
04. lost your cygnal
05. star cradle
06. ergosphere [with mortaja]
07. hypernova
08. ringsingularity
09. supermassiph
10. southern hemisphere
Get ready to embark on a musical journey with the_empath's new album "Black Hole". With a retrofuturistic sound that blends complex and abstract beat patterns with lush cinematic textures, this album will take you on a trip back to the future you won't soon forget. Inspired by the mysteries of space and the vastness of cosmos, "Black Hole" features immersive soundscapes from the eerie acoustics of being inside a black hole to the ethereal sounds of the cosmos beyond. With a nod to classic electronic music pioneers, "Black Hole" boasts a unique blend of vintage and modern production techniques. At some points the_empath's sound universe connects with the sonic worlds of Heimstatt Yipotash, MP45 and Mortaja. The result is a mesmerizing cosmic structure that is both nostalgic and innovative, taking the listener on a ride through time and space that defies genre and convention. Fasten your seatbelt - locate your own black hole and discover what's behind there. Here is the soundtrack for it.