auphcd003: Mandelbrot - Auf Tauchfahrt

released: 29.04.2005

1. Golfstrom
2. Trieste
3. Tangwald
4. L'Eau Noir
5. Unterwasserschwefelquellen
6. Gespensterkrabben
7. Tauchfahrt
8. Little Pleasures
9. Farewell
audiophob presents another dark ambient act called Mandelbrot on the label. Mandelbrot was founded in 1994 by P. Muench (Synapscape, The Rorschach Garden etc.) and released the tape "1000 Ships at the Bottom of the Ocean" (1995) and the CD-R "Seasons" (2002) on Fich Art. The CD "Auf Tauchfahrt" was created in collaboration with B. Teichner (The Rorschach Garden). As you can see by it's name underwater worlds are used as the CD's main theme and even if the wheel wasn't reinvented, you will experience it in a very own way. Friends of Templegarden's will also like this work, not only because P. Muench and B. Teichner present 50% of Templegarden's current line up.