auphcd008: Mandelbrot - Thorns

released: 15.01.2008

1. Tristesse
2. Thorny hands
3. Surface of thin ice
4. Adagio
5. Staring holes into walls
6. First night in snow
7. Some solitude remains
8. When cold wind touches the wire
9. Fragments of the past
10. Solitude remains (Grimbergen)
11. Uncertain Roads
Mandelbrot are back from their "Tauchfahrt" to present their 2nd album on audiophob. Recorded between 2006 and 2007 by P. Muench and B. Teichner "Thorns" shows the rugged and surreal sides of nature: from cold, stormy nights of snow to the armed resistance of flora. Once again you will hear sophisticated Dark Ambient tracks between cold synth-pads and gloomy noise. Besides ten new Mandelbrot tracks the CD features a remix of the czech-living Grimbergen (Steinklang Industries).