auphcd010: Various - Hyperakusis

released: 02.10.2008

1. Alarmen - Amazing Rapid Growth
2. Alarmen - Make Your Day
3. Nerthus - I Am Audiophobic Pt I
4. Nerthus - I Am Audiophobic Pt II
5. Mandelbrot - So Smooth
6. Spherical Disrupted - Ghost Of Jupiter (NGC 3242)
7. Spherical Disrupted - Arctic Circle
8. Zero Degree - Frozen Sunlight
When audiophob started in 2004 we gathered tracks from artists we liked and where we thought they might fit to our label concept. The result was a double CD compilation called "minus infinity dB". Now, more than 4 years later we are releasing our 10th CD. Again it's a compilation, but this time we would like to show you what we have done so far. Every project that released on audiophob was asked to provide one or two tracks for this compilation and here is the result! 67 minutes of exclusive audiophob sound by Alarmen, Spherical Disrupted, Zero Degree, Mandelbrot and Nerthus.