auphnet003: Spherical Disrupted - Barriere Drei

released: 25.09.2007

1. Zincum
2. Plutonium (Gamma Mix - Spherical Disrupted)
3. Beryllium (Lesch Mix - Spherical Disrupted)
4. Grau (Anthrazit Mix - Spherical Disruped)
5. Plutonium (Wiederaufbereitung - Zero Degree)
6. Grau (Remix - 100blumen vs. Nin Kuji)
7. Projektor (Cut+Go=RMX #4 - Carsten Vollmer)
8. Projektor (Cut+Go=RMX #5 - Carsten Vollmer)
9. Beryllium (live - 12 May 2007, bi-club, Ilmenau)
"Barriere Drei" is the new sequel of the "Barriere" series as a net release. You can hear the new track "Zincum" and some more remixes and new interpretations of the last "Barriere" releases and of course the album "Null". This time the additional remixers are 100blumen vs. Nin Kuji and once again Zero Degree and Carsten Vollmer.
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