auphnet018.2: The Negativity Bias - GU EP

released: 04.03.2018

01 First System Breakdown (Hartung Remix)
02 The Sixth Son (Ambi[val]ent)
03 Twice A Man (Wesenberg Remix)
04 Twice A Man (Alarmen Remix)
One of audiophobs most prolific artists of the last time is without doubt Chris Dupont aka The Negativity Bias. On his way to the projects 2nd full time album "Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat" he's presenting a double Download EP with remixes and alternative versions of tracks from this forthcoming release. Some of the interpretations are done by The Negativity Bias himself, but he also gathered a bunch of notable remixers to work on the tracks in their own likings. On DU - the first part of the twin release - the remixers are Spherical Disrupted, N8BRS (a project with Stefan Schötz of Aministia) and Schleinitz (of Hartung & Schleinitz), the other sibling called GU features Hartung (the other half of Hartung & Schleinitz), Wesenberg (member of Rotersand) and Alarmen.
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