auphnet019: Spherical Disrupted - Peremix

released: 19.10.2018

1. Eta Carinae Outburst (Turbulence Version)
2. Eta Carinae Outburst (Uranometria Version)
3. Orbital Eccentricity (Inclination Mix)
4. Orbital Eccentricity (Inclination Appendix)
5. X-Ray Flare (STIS Mix)
6. Through Homunculus Nebula (Intruder Remix By MC1R)
7. Eta Carinae Outburst (Flint Glass Remix)
8. Orbital Eccentricity (Hyperbola Mix By Heimstatt Yipotash)
9. X-Ray Flare ([basementgrrr] Remix)
10. Through Homunculus Nebula (Alphamix By The Negativity Bias)
11. Through Homunculus Nebula (Betaversion By The Negativity Bias)
Two years after the last regular album release "Periapsis" Spherical Disrupted presents the remix album "Peremix". It includes new interpretations of some "Periapsis" tracks of companioned projects (MC1R, Flint Glas, Heimstatt Yipotash, [basementgrrr]) and Spherical Disrupted himself. Overall there are eight new versions plus three versions already released on compilations.
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