auphnet021: Wesenberg - SW

released: 25.11.2019

1. Octan
2. Baikonur (Airflow Mix By The Negativity Bias)
3. Everything Nothing (At All Edit By Spherical Disrupted)
4. Baikonur (Kosmodromix By Config.Sys)
5. Everything Nothing (Dennis Siemion Remix)
6. Drifters
7. Baikonur (Jean-Marc Lederman Remix)
8. Everything Nothing (At All Mix By Spherical Disrupted)
The first download EP by the project Wesenberg includes two new tracks ("Octan" and "Drifters"), as well as three remixes each of the tracks "Baikonur" and "Everything Nothing". Both are from the album "Third Places" (auphcd028). The remixers are audiophob projects The Negativity Bias and Spherical Disrupted, as well as Config.Sys (Collaborator at Wesenberg live shows), Jean-Marc Lederman (of The Weathermen, Ghost & Writer, Lederman / De Meyer) and Dennis Siemion.
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