auphnet025: Various - Ukraine Emergency

released: 03.02.2023

01. Gamlaskatten - Rotator
02. Axiome - Braeburn
03. M-Sigma - 002/100
04. Mortaja - Smashed (Hardline Mix)
05. Blac Kolor - Coming For You
06. 13th Monkey - Paradigm (Version)
07. Rendered - BASTERD
08. Trackologists - Go Ahead Volunteer! (Cannon Fodder)
09. Kaffee und Kuchen - Mülheim 2 (Thorofon Five O Clock Mix)
10. Dive - Deadman (Live)
11. Frett - Flag (Live WIF2022)
12. The Unknown - The End
13. Thedi - Molochna Bridge
14. Carsten Vollmer - Naive Herzen
15. Beinhaus - Im Krieg
16. 2kilos &More feat. Black Sifichi - Decibels
17. Capsular - War Trauma
18. Chaotalion - Black Skycube
19. Screwed Happenstance - Seagulls Lullaby
20. Torn From Beyond - March Of The Damned
21. Meta Meat - Vagabond
22. Monolith - Immortal (Edit Version)
23. Mandelbrot - Eine kranke Idee
24. Die Tödin - Einswerden mit dem Schmerz
25. Wesenberg - ardbeg40
26. Alarmen - Crosstalk
27. Spherical Disrupted - Quartzite (Supersimmetria Remix)
28. Nerthus - Lies
29. Eardrops - Lustbrot (Remix)
30. Empusae - Strazhdannia
31. Flint Glass - Shub-Niggurath (Nothilfe Ukraine Edition)
32. Autoclav1.1 - The Futile
On February, 3rd 2023, we make our download compilation Ukraine Emergency available. It contains (in most cases exclusive) tracks by: Dive, Monolith, Empusae, Flint Glass, Blac Kolor, 13th Monkey, Meta Meat, Trackologists, Frett, 2kilos &More feat. Black Sifichi, Alarmen, Autoclav1.1, Axiome, Gamlaskatten, Mandelbrot, Mortaja, Nerthus, Rendered, Spherical Disrupted/Supersimmetria, Wesenberg, Beinhaus, Capsular, Carsten Vollmer, Chaotalion, Kaffee und Kuchen/Thorofon, Torn From Beyond, Eardrops, M-Sigma, Screwed Happenstance, Die Tödin, Thedi, The Unknown. The horrible and by all means unnecessary war in Ukraine is still going on and at the current moment mainly the energy infrastructure is targeted and destroyed. This causes especially now in the cold season of the year to more and more misery amongst the civil people of the country. To be able to help at least with a small amount, we decided to release a download compilation on audiophob. We are very happy, that we were able to find numerous great artists, not only from our labels audiophob and Krater Recordings, but also many guests, that wanted to take part in this endeavour. The compilation is available as of now via our bandcamp site ( for the minimum price of 5€. Of course, also higher amounts are more than welcome and can be chosen by personal potential - every small amount helps. All revenue Bandcamp is paying to us, meaning minus fees (after todays bandcamp friday!) and taxes, will be donated without any further deduction to the Nothilfe Ukraine program of the German Red Cross ( The compilation is made up from 32 tracks with a total running time of more than three hours.