auphcd005: Alarmen - There's No Place Like Hoan

released: 13.06.2006

1. We Cure Any Disease
2. Feeling Better Is Not A Dream
3. Wicked Drugs To Keep You Go
4. Wer Sucht, Der Findet
5. Please Her All Night Long
6. Three Inches Longer
7. Thomas Edison Didn't Have Time For It

8. Feeling Better Is Not A Dream (April Mix by Mandelbrot)
9. Rocken Roal (SKAB remixed by Alarmen)
The fulltime debut of alarmen might be described as the soundtrack to the information chaos of our society. Either by any kind of broadcasting, the mailbox or at the internet we're flooded by information we are not able to conceive. E-mail SPAM (which was eponymous to the tracks and the album itself) tries to bypass filter mechanisms and spam-blockers with sophisticated techniques. Maybe an analogy to the sounds and rhythms of Alarmen: Slowly but steady they get into the listeners head and don't find a way out.