auphcd014: Skalpell - Nothing Important To Tell So Far

released: 27.08.2010

1. Left Handed Sentinel (11:49)
2. An Inkling Of Things To Come (15:46)
3. What Remains (4:14)
4. Sarine Infix (16:30)
5. Ebola 3 (5:11)
6. Outbound (14:31)
7. Rupture (8:06)
audiophob is proud to welcome a new project at the label. The name Skalpell might ring a bell to some of you, as the swiss duo has been active since 1995. During this time they have published excellent releases on labels like Deafborn and in the Dark Ambient Series of Art Konkret. "Nothing Important To Tell So Far" is the first album in five years and it's been worth the wait! Skalpell offer 76 minutes of ambient that is not shy to show influences from both noise and tribal-ritual. Even though the opener "Left Handed Sentinel" seems somewhat restrained, "An Inkling Of Things To Come" shows finally what the album is all about. During the middle part, "Ebola 3" continues a series that started with the first two parts on the 1997 tape "Surgical Compulsion". This track is also one of the more noise influenced pieces of the album. The last track "Rupture" starts similarly noisy, but soon turns into hypnotic rhythms that end the journey through the world of Skalpell.