auphcd015: Mortaja - Drown In Blood

released: 28.03.2011

1. Asesinato Ritual (4:00)
2. Black Burnt Ash (6:03)
3. Drown In Blood (8:05)
4. Last Call To Eden (5:55)
5. Misión (8:51)
6. Procesador (5:01)
7. Slowhands (5:41)
8. Temple Of Torture (5:23)
9. Tokkotak (5:42)
10. Weeping Angel (7:18)
Evidently influenced by classic Dark Ambient/Industrial artists like Lustmord, Ah-Cama Sotz and the like, Mortaja worked for years as a living room only project. When Bert - the head of this one-man project - decided to give a demo to audiophob, we were surprised by the quality of his productions and the fact that he has never released anything so far. "Drown in Blood" is without a doubt the darkest release on audiophob up to this point, but we are certain, it is a good addition to the labels portfolio.