auphcd016: Mandelbrot - Distant Travellers

released: 26.08.2011

1. Hathorjan
2. So Alone
3. Serinoor
4. Barxöft
5. Salmenghest
6. Algstogermaht
7. Klingenthal
8. Valligo
9. Black Vessel
10. Less Than Zero
"Distant Travellers" - the latest album of B. Teichner and P. Muench a.k.a. Mandelbrot - is following the paths the duo was paving on their last CD releases on audiophob. "Auf Tauchfahrt" (auphcd004) was exploring the deep sea, followed by their way upon land with "Thorns" (auphcd008). Finally the evolving life was musically adapted on "Evolution" (auphcd011). On "Distant Travellers" the perception of the listener is now asked to leave earth and dive into space. Each of the ten tracks picks up the general atmosphere Mandelbrot is known for and moves it at least one or two galaxies further. Although inspired by the famous German science fiction pulp magazine series "Perry Rhodan", this album is more than a fictional soundtrack. "Distant Travellers" is a work of it's own, guiding the listener to calmer but alien journeys as in "Serinoor", "Klingenthal" or "Black Vessel"; passing disturbing soundscapes of "Vaaligo" and culminating every now and then in powerful tracks like "Salmengeist" and "Less Than Zero".