auphcd017: Tardive Dyskinesia - The Letter

released: 27.03.2012

1. Endless Hope
2. Babylon
3. The Letter
4. Fear
5. Hypnophobia
6. Greed For Life
7. Schaben
8. Ganymed (Emotional Fault Remix by Heimstatt Yipotash)
9. Lust
Seeing the Russian cinematic classic "Dead Man's Letters" for the first time as a 13 year old in the then still socialistic eastern part of Germany was a significant influence for Ronny Herling (Tardive Dyskinesia): While creating an oppressive and dark world, this cineastic masterpiece manages to create a glimpse of hope nonetheless. With those impressions in mind, "The Letter" approaches to transform everyday scenes and experiences into a musical score. The result of this transformation are nine pieces of nightmarish soundscapes, including a remix by Heimstatt Yipotash. "The Letter" also marks a new starting point of Tardive Dyskinesia: It is the first album release since 2007 after a time of experimenting with new ideas and directions for the project as well as the first release on audiophob.