auphcd019: 2kilos &More - 10

released: 30.12.2013

1-1. A Wolf
1-2. On The Juiciest Walk
1-3. Csp
1-4. Ark
1-5. Only Hazard
1-6. Ess
1-7. User OK Feelings Rejected
1-8. A Pool
1-9. I Decided To Lie
1-10. A Remix For Rapoon

2-1. Tiens, Regarde! (La Vallée De La Fensch, Muckrackers Refonte)
2-2. And That's About All So Far (Bérangère Maximin Lovesick Remix)
2-3. On The Juiciest Walk (Picore Remix)
2-4. I Decided To Lie (The Berg Sans Nipple Remix)
2-5. Ess (Wild Shores Remix)
2-6. Csp (Rapoon Remix)
2-7. Only Hazard (Imminent Remix)
2-8. Les Rapports S'inversent (Roger Rotor Inverse Les Rôles)
2-9. Ark (Needle Sharing Remix)
2-10. After May June, And Before Berlin (Von Magnet Remix)
2-11. User OK Feelings Rejected (Spherical Disrupted Rejection Method)
To celebrate the 10 anniversary of 2kilos &More, Audiophob presents a new aspect of the project on a double CD release. The first CD of this set contains live recordings of tracks from the previous releases as well as an unreleased remix the duo created from material provided by Rapoon (founding member of Zoviet France). The live recordings originate from two festival appearances of the band in Nancy and Jouy Le Moutier and feature the guest vocalists Flore Magnet and Phil Von (both Von Magnet) as well as Black Sifichi. Some of the songs can be found for the first time on CD with lyrics, as they have been released as instrumental tracks so far. The second part of the release features new approaches to the 2kilos &More sound as provided by the remixes from a remarkable selection of artists (Rapoon, Imminent, Von Magnet, Bérangère Maximin, The Berg Sans Nipple, Needle Sharing, Roger Rotor, Spherical Disrupted, Muckrackers, Picore and Wild Shores.) Besides different variations of Ambient and Industrial/Noise sounds, more unexpected approaches from Post-Rock and Drum'n'Bass can be found. Packaging wise the release is an eye candy as well: each copy comes in a handcrafted, printed textile bag in either clear brown or dark red.