auphcd020: Various - Hyperakusis II

released: 19.07.2014

01 Nerthus - Minus 5:42
02 Nerthus - Plus 4:20
03 Tardive Dyskinesia - Rhythmophobia 5:11
04 Tardive Dyskinesia - Why Not? 6:13
05 Mortaja - Terraform 4:43
06 Mortaja - The Lake Of Burning Sulfur 6:23
07 Spherical Disrupted - Deimos 8:45
08 Spherical Disrupted - Deimos (Blind Version by 2kilos &More) 6:04
09 2kilos &More - Presqu'île 7:41
10 Mandelbrot - In The Shades 9:12
11 Alarmen - User Identitiy 7:55

Also available as Hyperakusis + Hyperakusis II:

1-01 Alarmen - Amazing Rapid Growth 4:54
1-02 Alarmen - Make Your Day 5:32
1-03 Nerthus - I Am Audiophobic Pt I 6:34
1-04 Nerthus - I Am Audiophobic Pt II 6:40
1-05 Mandelbrot - So Smooth 13:09
1-06 Spherical Disrupted - Ghost Of Jupiter (NGC 3242) 10:20
1-07 Spherical Disrupted - Arctic Circle 5:45
1-08 Zero Degree - Frozen Sunlight 13:34

2-01 Nerthus - Minus 5:42
2-02 Nerthus - Plus 4:20
2-03 Tardive Dyskinesia - Rhythmophobia 5:11
2-04 Tardive Dyskinesia - Why Not? 6:13
2-05 Mortaja - Terraform 4:43
2-06 Mortaja - The Lake Of Burning Sulfur 6:23
2-07 Spherical Disrupted - Deimos 8:45
2-08 Spherical Disrupted - Deimos (Blind Version by 2kilos &More) 6:04
2-09 2kilos &More - Presqu'île 7:41
2-10 Mandelbrot - In The Shades 9:12
2-11 Alarmen - User Identitiy 7:55
When over 10 years ago we (Mirko and Carsten) had the idea to start our own label to promote the music we like, whether from our own projects or from others, we weren't sure if this label would last more than a few releases. Then and now most voices you've heard were telling you that releasing music successfully is getting more and more difficult. In times where new music is just a download away from your listening enjoyment, who would bother to pay for a CD release? In a scene where the majority of the artists produce distorted, harsh and rhythm oriented and in most cases very danceable tracks, who would like to listen to concerts of more quiet and contained ambient acts that don't let you burn of your energy while dancing? But now, 10 years, 20 CD and 16 download releases as well as numerous festival and concert appearances later, we are happy to say we found our spot in the music scene. We are proud of everything we have achieved and we are happy we met so many great people along the way. Here and now we want to thank every single artist who released their music on audiophob, every concert organizer and everyone of their crews who welcomed us as their guests, every reviewer of one of our releases, every DJ who played one of our tracks, everyone in the audience, everyone who bought one of our releases and everyone else we shared much valuable moments in the last years for their support. We hope you stay around for the times to come.