auphcd021: Mortaja - Bone Chamber

released: 19.07.2014

01 Forbidden Gate 6:51
02 Bone Chamber 10:12
03 Serpent's Kiss 3:45
04 Caravan Of The Lost Souls 5:16
05 Endless Abyss 5:23
06 Float Away 5:19
07 Behind The Line 5:16
08 Labyrinth 6:53
09 Anubis Awake 6:59
10 Jhana Factor 8:08
With "Drown in Blood" (auphcd015, 2011), Bert Lehmann aka Mortaja stepped out for the first time to present his work to a public audience. The release was well received and a 5 track download release ("Afterlife" auphnet012, 2012) as well as the first live appearances followed. "Bone Chamber" is the second full time album of the project and once again Mortaja is able to capture the listener with his deep and meditative sounds. Expect again dark and melodic ambient with complex rhythms somewhere between old Delerium, Ah Cama-Sotz and the like.