auphcd022: Mandelbrot - Kaleidoskop

released: 06.12.2014

1. Race of Tigers, Time of Snakes
2. The Miracle of Breathing
3. Beautiful Wednesday
4. Only the Moon knows it all
5. Sommer im Herzen
6. Resurrection
7. Ghosts
8. Glass and Wood
9. Far Far Away
10. Laboratorium
Since their album "Auf Tauchfahrt" (auphcd003) back in 2005, Mandelbrot have played a very important role in the artist line up of audiophob. With "Kaleidoskop" (auphcd022) - the latest work of the prolific duo from Bielefeld - we are able to look at an impressive shared path, consisting of none less than five full time albums, as well as a wonderful online remix release and several compilation tracks on the labels compilations. The optical effects of a kaleidoscope resemble the musical style of Mandelbrot on this new release in quite a good way: While discovering the beauty of sometimes repeating patterns, you soon realize that everything is in flow and will never return to the current state again. Sometimes the tracks build up to cluttered and chaotic moments, only to suddenly transform into order and harmony. Each of the ten tracks combine atmospheric to melodic synthesized sounds with slightly rhythmic noise patterns and recordings to create unique dark ambient works.