auphcd023: Darkrad - Little Black World

released: 23.04.2015

1. Chernota
2. Nobody Knows
3. Feel The Blood
4. Someone Beneath
5. Dread Unknown
6. Ocean Beckons
7. All Is Wrong
8. Rasshelina
9. Little Black World
10. Burn The Eyes
11. Die In Eclipse
12. Izvergi
13. Horizont
14. Feel The Blood (Dirk Geiger Remix)
15. Rasshelina (Spherical Disrupted Asphyxiated Remix)
Darkrad is the musical project of the russian born and USA living artist Jana Komaritsa. The music of Darkrad is a combination of Dark Ambient and Noise, which is accompanied by quiet but threatening whispered vocals. The first album "Abnormal Love" has been released on Cold Meat Industry back in 2012. The follow-up "Little Black World" has been released in 2014 in a very limited tape edition on Jana Komaritsas own Label Mrakmur. As the tape has been sold out very quickly, the desire to re-release the tape for a broader audience arose. Now this wish has been fulfilled in cooperation with the German label audiophob. The CD release includes all tracks from the tape version (mastered by Gwenn Trémorin of Flint Glass), completed by a number of bonus tracks: The name-giving track "Little Black World" is here released for the first time; followed by the tracks from Darkrads second tape "Die In Eclipse" and two tracks from download compilations. The CD concludes with two unreleased remixes, provided by Dirk Geiger and Spherical Disrupted.