auphcd032: Alarmen - Xenotop

released: 27.09.2019

01. Introduced Vulnerabilities
02. Anticipate
03. As It Happens
04. Least Concern
05. Habitat
06. Alternate Endeavour (Album Version)
07. Further Research Needed
08. Happened Again
The unignorable impact of the human species on the planet we live on is one of the main motives of "Xenotop". Coming up with all kinds of art including painting, literature, architecture and of course music - we are able to forge our concept of grace into something perceptible. But manifestations of art and beauty can also be found, where it was not intended to be. There's beauty in decay, structure in chaos, something new in the abandoned - created by human hand but left behind and forgotten. Once again the sound of Alarmen is a fragile balance between clean melodies, layered soundscapes and subtle rhythms that tend to disintegrate over time. The long awaited 3rd full time album of Alarmen features 8 tracks that have been recorded between 2017 and 2019.