auphcd033: autoclav1.1 - Nothing Outside

released: 28.08.2020

1. C17H19N3
2. Floor To Ceiling
3. Stare
4. Locked Down
5. Waving Paw
6. Hiraeth
7. Weeds Still Push Through
8. A Bed In Each Window
9. Nothing Outside
10. Everything Inside
With his first full album in two years, Autoclav1.1 returns with the emotionally charged ‘Nothing Outside’. Over the course of ten tracks, Tony Young presents an engaging mix of styles that combine new and old, into a soul searching emotive exploration of solitude, social awareness; and ultimately, self-analysis. Melodic and desperate harmonies collide with intricate beat-work, dragging the listener through a series of engagements that epitomise a great degree of soul-searching. Whilst humankind is under varying forms of lockdown, the planet has started to recover partially from the damage done. Nature once again, has started to reappear where it was on the verge of being all but driven out, begging two simple questions that have wider implications. Is there really nothing outside? Is everything really inside?