auphnet010: Mandelbrot - Remixed

released: 04.11.2010

1. Trieste (Imminent Remix)
2. Tauchfahrt (Aphotic Remix by Salt)
3. Gespensterkrabben (In Die Tiefe / Begegnung Remix by P·A·L)
4. Evolution Sechs (Natuur 78 Remix by Bipol)
5. Farewell (Spule04 Remake)
6. Some Solitude Remains (Some Altitude Remix by Alarmen)
7. Adagio (Zero Degree Remix)
8. Tangwald (Boris Backup's Forest Dump Remix)
9. Thorny Hands (Re-recorded by Phelios)
10. Evolution Acht (InsanCity Remix)
11. Fragments Of The Past (Frl.Linientreu Remix)
12. Evolution Zwei (Monoculture Remix)
13. Evolution Vier (Alexander Marco Remix)
14. Staring Holes Into Walls (Void................................. by Spherical Disrupted)
One of the constants of audiophob is without any doubt Mandelbrot. Under the name "The Rorschach Garden" they provided the track "colder" for our very first release, the "-oo dB" compilation. This track was the spark that ignited the desire in P. Muench and B. Teichner to work on more dark ambient tracks and to reactivate the project Mandelbrot. One year later "Auf Tauchfahrt" showed the first results of this process. Thankfully it was not an one-time appearance, so that "Thorns" and "Evolution" were also released on our label. Each of their three CDs released over the last five years is a reason to be proud, but also a sign of the friendship connecting us to both members of Mandelbrot. Propably neither of us wants to miss any of the moments we shared in the past and hopefully will share in the future. This said, it is more than a pleasure to reserve the anniversary of the 10th "auphnet" online release of audiophob to Mandelbrot. On "Remixed" 14 projects present their interpretations of Mandelbrot tracks from all three releases on audiophob. Of course, other projects already known from audiophob - namely Spherical Disrupted, Alarmen, Zero Degree and Phelios took the chance to contribute to this release, but so did a lot of other well known projects, including Imminent, Salt, P·A·L, Bipol and Frl.Linientreu. Beyond doubt a quite impressive list of remixers, but with nearly 90 minutes of free music this is also the most extensive auphnet-release so far.
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