auphnet013: Spherical Disrupted - Primeval Times 3: Drawback

released: 27.03.2012

1. Drawback
2. Drawback (to the hearing)
3. Drawback (Detrimentum Konflikt)
4. Drawback (Resignationsmix)
5. Hoggar N (Rebuilt)
6. Hoggar N (Remodelled)
7. Hoggar N (Sick En For Remix)
8. Hoggar N (Kondolenzversion)
17 years ago the first recordings of Spherical Disrupted have been released on tape. Now, that the tapes and CD-Rs of that time are long sold out, the netrelease series "Primeval Times" starts to bring those old tracks back to you. All tracks have been remastered slightly and compiled in new sets. Some previously unreleased tracks, mixes and tracks from compliation have been added. Third part of the series is "Primeval Times 3: Drawback". It features eight tracks from several Spherical Disrupted CD-Rs in various remixes by Sick En For (Spherical Disrupted side project) and Squid in collaboration with Spherical Disrupted. The new track "Hoggar N (Rebuilt)" is very close to the original version (which can be found on "Vergeltung"). It had to be completely rebuilt with the orignal tracks and loops, but without the voice samples. "Hoggar N (Remodelled)" is a completely new remix.
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