auphcd039: Axiome - Field Guide To Alien Planets And Other Disco Balls

released: 01.04.2022

01 Superfluid
02 Disco Highway
03 Expanding Lightwaves
04 Atomic Gimmick
05 Vortex Polaire
06 Forsaken
07 Enemies Or Foes?
08 The Dentist
09 White Sky Black Clouds
10 Planetarium
11 Gala On The Moon
12 Doomed For Immortality
It feels a little bit redundant to try to introduce Axiome (Cedrik Fermont, Olivier Moreau), as both members of the duo are well known by themselves and their active time as Axiome dating back to 1991 with a number of well-received releases and remember-able live appearances, that of course includes their appearance on our label festival in Duisburg back in 2017. So all there is to say is “Welcome to audiophob!” On the “Field Guide To Alien Planets And Other Disco Balls”, nostalgic librarian robots meet radioactive posers with super powers. You will come by jettisoned dentists that are lost in space as well as future Mars coloniser whose mission is nothing else than a rampage. Beware of aliens, that are nothing else than enemies or foes rather than allies or enemies. All this is wrapped around vocoded voices in electro tunes – but not your classic ones – and a lot of humour. Black humour that is, that helps us to cope with a dystopian but also surreal future, or better said, one of the many futures offered to us.