auphnet018.2: The Negativity Bias - GU EP (mp3)
auphnet018.1: The Negativity Bias - DU EP (mp3)
auphnet017: The Negativity Bias - seventeen zero three (mp3)
auphnet016: Various - Hyperakusis II (Short Cuts) (mp3)
auphnet015: Alarmen - Constants And Changes (mp3)
auphnet014: 2kilos &More featuring Black Sifichi - 3 films by Lisa May (mp4 Video)
auphnet013: Spherical Disrupted - Primeval Times 3: Drawback (mp3)
auphnet012: Mortaja - Afterlife (mp3)
auphnet011: Spherical Disrupted - Primeval Times 2: Konfrontation (mp3)

auphnet010: Mandelbrot - Remixed (mp3)
auphnet009: Spherical Disrupted - Primeval Times 1: 15:08 (mp3)
auphnet008: Zero Degree - Aufbruch (mp3)
auphnet007: Phelios & False Mirror - Entropy Reversed (mp3)
auphnet006: Hidden Technology - Radio ReVersion Live Recording (mp3)
auphnet005: Various - Otoscope (mp3)
auphnet004: Alarmen - A ghost and a bottle of wine (mp3)
auphnet003: Spherical Disrupted - Barriere Drei (mp3)
auphnet002: Zero Degree - Rot (mp3)
auphnet001: Alarmen - Beware of fake pills (mp3)